6 financial goals in the new year

11.01.2018 - Most people set new goals for the whole year in the first month, but more specific steps are needed to increase the likelihood of success.

Only 9% of those surveyed were targeted in January and actually achieved it by the end of the year. Therefore, setting a goal is one thing, but in order for it to become reality, more concrete steps are needed.


Each time only focus one goal


You do not need to set a big goal. Just setting a small goal, but deepening it will be easier to succeed. To understand, think of the bicycle wheel. The middle axis is the target. The spokes are the way to achieve that goal.

For example, if you want to maximize retirement savings, the amount of money that you set is the axis. While there are a lot of things you can do to reduce your appetite, find a job, limit your wallet or cable TV ... If you focus all your energy on it, you will be surprised to see you complete. Easy target.

Distinguish between goals and dreams

A goal that is not specific and has no plan of implementation is just a dream. Therefore, you need to challenge yourself by detailing your goals.

For example, instead of saying, "I want to make more money this year," you have to say, "I will have another $ 100 million in early July." "I will not owe 50 million VND at the end of September." By specifying a specific number and date, you will always remind yourself where you are on your way to the goal.

Split target

Do you know how to eat an elephant? Of course, you can not swallow the elephant at once, but have to bite a few times. Achieving the goal is the same. You can set a big goal but do not be so big that you do not know where to start.

Once you have a big goal, you continue to divide it into smaller, shorter goals for easy control. For example, you want to spend 100 million dong this year. That means, how much you spend each month, every week and every day. Every day, you know what you need to cut or what to do more to achieve the money.


Talk to others

Have you ever secretly set goals and failures? The reason you often fail to conceal with everyone about your goals is because you will be more comfortable with yourself. If no one knows, you feel abandoned to the goal very gently and not embarrassed. So, depending on the nature, talk to some or as many people as possible about the goal you are aiming for.


Reassess the goal

We always change, adapt and improve over time. The goals you set out a year ago or even months ago will sometimes not suit you or the new situation. Therefore, there should be time to re-evaluate the target.

Reassess your goals to help you adjust your goals more reasonably to new expectations, according to the new situation. This is the same as when you do business. Market movements can make you realize the original plan is not reasonable. Then, to survive and grow, your company must change direction. This is reasonable and normal.


Accept defeat but not be defeated

Surely you have failed, maybe more than once, on your way to the goal. For example, to save 100 million. In the early months, things can go smoothly and smoothly. But then a large sum suddenly appeared. You feel like the world has punched a pain in the face. And you think you have failed. Mistake is the place. It is difficult to succeed without going through the trials or failures on the road.


Phiên An (GFA)