After a long period of establishing and developing, Civil Engineering Construction Joint Stock Company No. 585 (CIENCO 585) has now become one of the leading company of Civil Engineering Construction Cooperation No.5 (CIENCO 5) in Southern Vietnam operating in various fileds: transport works, irrigational works, hydroelectric works, real estate investment and trading…
At present, we has a professional team of experienced and well-qualified experts and engineers, a number of skilled workers, advanced equipment and technology. We strongly believe that our products and services will bring you the most trust and the greatest satisfaction.
With the best wishes to your successful business operation, for the developed future, we are ready to cooperate with you in all fields and we hope that our company is always in your mind.


Civil Engineering Construction Joint Stock Company No.585 (formerly Civil Engineering Construction company No.585) has been established according to Decision 140/1999/QĐ-BGTVT dated 16/01/1999 by Ministry of Transport. Carrying out the policy of the Party and State about equitized state-owned enterprises so as to enhance their economic efficiency, on dated 03/12/2009 Ministry of Transport  released the Decision No 3619/QĐ-BGTVT approved the planning and changed Civil Engineering Construction Company No. 585 – a subsidairy company of CIENCO 5 into Civil Engineering Construction Joint Stock Company No.585.

Company’s name:    CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN XÂY DỰNG CÔNG TRÌNH 585
Name for international transaction:    CIVIL ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION J.S.C No 585
Head office:    88-88A, D2 Street, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City.
Tax code:    0309733838
Telephone:    (08).6 2944 007 -  Fax: (08).6 2944 033

Cienco 585 Head Office

2. Main Business Lines:

To construct civil and industrial engineering works, transport and irrigational works, hydroelectric projects.

 To manufacture, supply building materials.

 To repair construction equipment, processing steel components.

 To invest in construction, to trade infrastructural, industrial zone and residental area.

 To invest in construction and trading houses.

 To manufacture and trade in export and import consumer goods production tools, product for manufacturing industry and agriculture (to manufacture and trade in export and import handicrafts, fine art articles and wooden products)

 Commercial advertisement.

 Sale and purchase of material, machinery, equipment and other transport facilities.

 To trade in tourist and hotel business ( hotel must be reach the star standards and without operation in the main office)

 To trade in inbound and outbound travel services.

 Office for lease (for lease upon projects ratified by the authorities concerned only).

 Sale and purchase of  billet steel, scrap steel. To manufacture steel, construction steel (without sale and purchase scrap steel, manufacturing steel, construction steel in the main office).

To explore sand, stone, gravel, clay (without operation in the main office). Sale and purchase of cement, brick, tile roof, sand, stone, gravel, tiles and sanitary wares.

 To trade in real estate transaction center.